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A supernovae as it would be lensed by a black hole My 2018 article on primordial black holes and gravitational lensing was Editors's Suggestion in Physical Review Letters and featured by the American Physical Society. It was also discussed on UC Berkeley News, Wired, New Scientist, The Daily Californian, Forbes and CEA Fabrique de savoirs (in French).

My 2017 work on dark energy and gravitational waves was selected as Editor's Suggestion in Physical Review Letters and featured by the American Physical Society. has been featured in Wired, Quanta Magazine, Science News, New Scientist, Forbes, PNAS Inner Workings, LBNL News Center and CEA-IPhT (in French).

My 2020 work on gravitational wave lensing beyond Einstein's theory was selected as Editor's Suggestion in Physical Review D. It was featured by the Albert Einstein Institute and the University of Chicago. It appeared in popular science articles in Forbes, The Debrief and EuropaPress (in Spanish).

Our 2023 follow-up analysis of LIGO-Virgo-Kagra data was featured in Astrobites.

I enjoy giving popular science talks connected to my research. I gave a talk on Gravitational Waves on Cal Day 2018, on the 150th Anniversary of the University of California. I also participated in the Taste of Science Festival.

I wrote a piece with advice on writing academic applications based on my experience as an applicant and reviewer.

Divulgacion Cientifica (in Spanish)

My trabajo ha aparecido en varias publicaciones, incluyendo:

He escrito varios articulos de divulgacion, conectados o no con mi trabajo:

The popular podcast "Coffee Break: Señal y Ruido" featured my article on GW and DE in Ep134 (min 47) and a bit latter my work on Primordial Black Holes in Ep143 (min 72). I was interviewed in Segmento Astronomico about gravitational lensing of supernovae, primordial black holes and dark matter.

A veces escribo en el blog "Persistencia y serendipia" , donde reflexiono sobre la labor cientifica, o respondo preguntas en la web FdeT.

Colaboro con el Podcast Horizonte de Sucesos podcast, donde he participado en varias entrevistas:


During my postdoc service I have taught in a number of courses in the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Heidelberg and the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid.

I have also participated in graduated schools: ↦ video lecture on modified gravity at the Cosmology School in the Canary Islands.

The presentation below was prepared for the undergraduate and Master students of the cosmology courses at the University of Barcelona: